Recently, I was browsing a robot’s crowdfunding website on the internet. The robot called JIBO. The website said the JIBO is the first social robot for the home in the world. The JIBO can track face, capture photos, and enable immersively video calling. It can hear the natural language, learn your preference to adapt and fit into your life; it can using a speaker to help you to make everyday simpler and easier. You can Pre-pay 749$, then you can get the JIBO and inclusive of battery and charging plate, with the SDK available for developers.

Family Robot JIBO nears $1.7M During Final Day on Indiegogo



Anyone can start a content creation project with meet these criteria than raise funds to support it. One does not have to worry about the independence of the project because the content creator can completely control project. It is merely a platform and a resource. They do not participate in the development of the project.

There has a video show what the meaning of crowdfunding.


Crowdfunding is become famous in the  the network, and it have many successful case. So i think the crowdfunding is the best funding model in the network.

Why the crowdfunding is the best?

First, the threshold is low fund-raising model. Anyone can start a project to raise funds, will come to be in this world to the project. Not only money, but also to participate. For example, a young student want to take a short-length movie, the script has been completed. However, he / she does not have enough money to complete it, the project could not start due to funding constraints. In this case, he / she can ask for help from the public, raising site is one of the best choices.

Second, people need not worry about the independence of the crowdfunding project, which is why crowdfunding model is the fairest mode of financing is an important reason. Equity crowdfunding model is completely different mode. In the equity model, and investors are right to control the content. For example, if the investor is an entertainment giants such as Sony Pictures, in order to achieve maximum benefits, they are likely to be asked to modify the script, replace actor / actress, or even the need to replace the project leader. However, fund-raising, people are just actors, not the investor. This means that who contribute to the project can not ask people to control the content, unless it was added as a screenwriter, actor / actress.

Third, by publicly funded quality and content. The project is funded by the public, if people do not like or interest in it, they will not contribute. Therefore, in this case, crowdfunding can create high-quality content.

However, not all of the crowdfunding project of good quality, there are some garbage. This is the risk of crowdfunding. There are many causes for this. Some organizers who just want to get money from doing nothing or very little. Similarly, people do not trust him / her.

I believe that raising funds will change the world, change the way people create content, changing the way people think, in the future change everything.