What things enhance (or increase) media power?

People are using social network everyday,some are using mobile phone, some are using computer. For example, I use mobile apps on phone, Facebook, Twitter, and also get News from BBC News. Those Apps can fast let me know what happen in outside word, and connect with people. Network can make massages faster transfer.Modern technology and information services enhance media power.

Nowadays, most people have smart phones and computers, every family has a TV. The emergence of these technology products to promote the rapid development of social media, so the power of social media constantly strengthen. When something happens, you can use social media Internet news quickly spread of video and mobile applications, the first time to let people know what happened. Compared with magazines and newspapers, social media and more rapid dissemination of news. Thus, social media networks greatly increase the power of the media.

Does social media have the power to change the world?


The presidential elections are perfect examples of the bias of the media.

Are there ‘good’ and ‘bad’ reasons for an individual to have more influence in the media?

Media power in some case is useful,for example, an organization established to raise funds to help needy people. They can use social media to promote.

The presidential elections are perfect examples of the bias of the media. In fact, Time magazine’s editors even admitted to having influenced the past election because of their front covers that presented one particular candidate a multitude of times (Grant,2015). In another example of news bias, when citizens went to Washington to protest the proposed health care bill, it was reported to the public that a few thousand attended when later it was revealed that actually millions of citizens had gone (Grant,2015). We are really only hearing the point of view that the media presents to us. Unfortunately, sometimes it is biased.

Influence of the media also has a good side. When some people need help, volunteers messages posted online, people can make donations and praying through the website. When people want to organise activities they can use website to convene people and discuss activities. Sometimes people can tell their wishes through the website and get support. For example: White House petition network (we the people) is US President Barack Obama implemented petition website. White House petition network provides a platform for Americans to create and share new ways and signing petitions; Americans can convey their opinions and suggestions on government policies and actions through this platform.

Media is the basis on which we depend on to hear all the news almost every place in the world. But at some point, the media influence public opinion through the media reports. Some media like gossip news and public figures to expose their various messages. This makes their lives constantly under the microscope of life becomes transparent. The bad news would create prejudice public figures, and affect their normal life and work.




In short, social media in our lives has played an important role. Everyone should know that the use of social media, social media is like a double edged sword, it can make people more aware of the outside things, to understand the error message may also affect normal life.




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