I use the computer every day to watching news, video and some information.PC is a very amazing invention, software development has makes PC more uses. Such as online teaching, this may enable a user at any location anytime to learning, when PC on network. It is very helpful for someone who did not have enough time to sit in the class.

What advantages does media power have?

Social media networks are virtual communities and computer-mediated tools that enable individuals and businesses to create, share, or exchange information, career interests, ideas, and images or videos.  Media power have the advantage is velocity of propagation quickly, this can lead to the spread of more effective than others. Media power play a crucial role in the business. Everyone need to know the advantages of media power. First in social media you can find your soul mate or audience. It lets you know that your audience will quickly know about you and allows you have greater number of viewers.Second social media can help specific groups of people together. For example, like to play basketball’s people, they can find more friends in a social network to share basketball skills. Social media help to find new customers, expand your audience when people want to do something they’ve never done, it can recommend them, what they can do and what can not. Next in businesses, social media allows you to receive immediate feedback from the customer point of view. Improving market intelligence and social media to get ahead of your competitors. And also can lead your brand more famous, more website traffic.Of course, you can also release a new product in social media. This can increase the companies which are in the same field of work between competitiveness.In addition, it can lead to development of these enterprises faster than expected, social media helps one third of the cost of generating leads.Through social media, companies can quickly communicate with customer, which is very important. Moreover, it can helping a company with minimal budget expenditures to promote its visibility of the company, or product awareness


How are people able to ‘spend’ it?

People ‘ spend ‘ many media power in their life. Such as refresh tweets, It allows you to get anywhere in the world news or information quickly. In my last post has said television and print media these days are biased and does not convey the true message. Through the help of social media, you can do some research and get the facts and real information. Than in business, companies can promote their company on social networks or promote a product. It allows companies to use low-cost promotional expenses, and get a huge harvest. Low advertising costs, effective publicity, it highlights the advantages of social networks. The company regularly or irregularly communicate with customers, which helps revised their products.This allows a company to improve their credibility. Last people are free to share whatever they want on the social media, it can impact positively when good words are shared. Moreover some of people are using media power to influence providers exert on the political process.

“Powerful media owners can attempt to manipulate information for their own goals”. William Randolph Hearst,the owner of the Morning Journal and the source of inspiration for Orson Welles’


In conclusion, power of the media have become ubiquitous.No matter what time, where are he, who there are, he could found the social media, feeling media power and spend it. Therefore, the media power‘s propagation makes life richer.




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