What criteria enhance an individual’s media power

In the 2012, Obama won the Social Media Battle Presidential Campaign. Obama’s successful run for the first America’s black president. Obama dominated the social media space because his team got how networks work. The real power of social media is not in the number of posts or Tweets but in user engagement measured by content spread-ability. Obama logged twice as many Facebook “Likes” and nearly 20 times as many re-tweets as Romney. So Obama had far superior reach.


Within the rapid development of the Internet era, Social media employ mobile and web-based technologies to create highly interactive platforms and via which individuals and communication share. With the huge exposure individual’s media power has enhance (Kushin & Yamamoto, 2010). Like Twitter has 320 million people monthly active users. These are sand message call ‘tweets’, each tweets less than 140 characters. Mostly short status updates of what users are doing, where they are, how they are feeling, or links to other sites. Democratization of communication, Blog, Twitter, Facebook, movies, pictures, and so on. Those products have great impact for the media power.


Freedom and bidirectional way of communication are the criteria enhancing an individual’s media power. In the free place, Internet users can free to participation, browse and present. Cause of Internet is a virtual places and users can send anonymous information. Internet already become a freedom and equality platform, it can give user more media power. Internet user can though the News or Community Forums to share there are idea. 2012-social-media-spending.png


Good reason for an individual to have influence in the media.


My WeChat’s Moments is a good example. A technology has changed my way of expression. In the old time people using TV or radio to get messages which are single way of information transfer. But in today is different, I send a Moment than i get one like and 11 Comments in the photo.


Bad reason for an individual to have influence in the media.

In 1998 February. A famous doctor’s academic medicine journal <Lancet> . Has reported an article on autism-related articles. The article has say he studied 12 autistic children,  there has eight children’s parents said their children after vaccinated with MMR vaccine, behavior becomes strange, and accompanied by symptoms of colitis. Than media has the large number of news report the news. People’s vaccination rates from 95% down to 61%. Some place maybe just 10%-20% people has vaccination.


In this event we can see this is a academic farce, than media along with this farce dancing on the stage. Until  to 2010 the academic medicine journal has be remove from <Lancet>.mmexport1460250191807.jpg


There are have other example like following video from YouTube. It show the distance between celebrities and ordinary people in today. Celebrities now are easily insulted by ordinary people through social media such as Twitter.





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